early 2013 n finishing of 2013

Friday, 27 December 2013 0 comments
My life this year so colorful.


Prakata :
itu yang aku boleh describekan untuk 2013. suka duka, pahit manis setiap tahun akan tercoret kisah2 sebegini. tp in term of NEW experience and excitement, aku rs 2013 is one of d best memory. walaupun 2013 rasa dh best, aku still looking forward nk masuk 2014. in my PLAN, there will be a BIG BIG EVENT for myself, my Lil Izz. yeahhh..really looking forward.

If i can jotted down what the best, i will put 1 name above of all thing happen to me.

1. Knowing somebody teach me to GROW
2. Registering SICN n grow BIG
3. Lil Izz getting more easier to handle ( hey boy! papa sayang sgt kt kamoo)
4. Joining n doing business partner with my LOVE 1 (who? waiting for nx story, to those who followed my facebook, will knowing better)

5. BIG, BIGGER, BIGGEST Network and NEW Friends
6. Enjoying closing the client

BUT, mcm aku cakap before, ada manis, mst ada pahit gak n benda tak best just happen in our life aite?
benda paling tak best bila aku tuka masuk opis baru, but all of my NEW colleague not as havoc just before pnya opis... (eh, korg paham ke apa aku cuba explain ni??). Diorg ni kata kepala diorg "gile2x", but as i seen n knowing them, aku rasa yang lama lg BEST + AWESOME..credit to K, Acoi Antupaku, Dzul, geng2 bola, geng2 Biro Sukan KSKKPPK yg lama.. :) owhh, i miss my 8 years over there.

my everyday schedule very hectic, so sorry to lil Izz our time is shorter then before.. (owhhh, how i miss you so much). 3 JOB + 1 RESPONSIBILITY..ouchhhh

what my Job? (postpone for another story)..hihih..

ok la, ni je la dulu, aku nk preparekan SKT aku dulu...lg 5 hari dh nk abis tahun baru, still tak setel2 lg..owh, aku sgt HATED HRMIS :P

k bie bie..t aku cuba la spesifikkan citer untuk 2014, no more mystic topic in this blog k..hihihi..trying avoid all of this :P


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